Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Ponytail

It just makes those cheeks even cuter!

Halloween 2010

Gabe and Maggie were Woody and Jessie this year. I know I am a little obsessed with things like this but I have so much fun with them and it won't last long! I thought for a few months about what they could be this year. Gabe to no surprise wanted to be a pirate AGAIN! So I talked him into being "Pirate Woody". He ended up loving his outfit so much that he is now Cowboy Woody and has played in his outfit almost every night this week. Debbie and me made Maggie's outfit. I found the idea on the Internet and thought it was too cute!! Maggie didn't really care about any of it but Gabe loved "his Jessie" and even told us one time "My Jessie is so beautiful".

Gabe got to go to see two "Pirate Ships" a few weeks ago. Before we went we told him we were going to see the "Black Pearl"! When we got there he said "That's not the Black Pearl. That's just a boat."
HA! He is too smart to fool.