Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Gabe had a wonderful year in Kindergarten! I can't believe it is already over and he will be at "real" school. He has been in a small Christian environment his all his life and it is breaking my heart to let him grow up and be in the "real" world. Gabe can't wait to go to school next fall. He already knows a few of the boys in his new school. Now I just pray he gets a few of them in his class.

Gabe's 6th Birthday

Having a December birthday Gabe wanted to have a swimming party. He had learned to swim the last summer and that is all he had talked about since then. So we had  the party at a local YMCA. The kids had a blast. The parents not so much. 22 kids in a pool at the same time was a little stressful! Then we meet at Cracker Barrel the next morning to eat Gabe favorite pancakes with family.