Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gabe and God

Gabe has been talking about God a lot in the past few weeks. He asked me the other day if God could hear him when he talked and when I said yes he whispered " God I have something to tell you." He didn't really know what to say so he mumbled to him "I love you" then went on to make a silly face.
He asked me today if God had bones. When I said "Well Jesus had bones" he said "God has bones and blood". Lol
He is so confused with God and Jesus. But I am happy that he is wanting to know more about it all. I think he is learning a lot from Wednesday night church and MDO this year.

On a little different note he is also learning his letters this year and any time he sees a G, E, B he gets a big smile on his face and screams "that is in my name"!

I keep saying it, but it is so fun watching him grow and learn.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Such a big boy!

Gabe was playing with his ship one morning at work and Maggie
gave him his trains. Gabe took them from her and said

"Thank you Maggie, but I don't want them right now. But I sure
do preciate it."

LOL he is so funny!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Pictures

You can still see her bruise from her fall last week.

Maggie's silly face.

Gabe helping me decorate.

I love this face!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Gabe will be four in December. Wow! He will be in pre-K next year. He never stops making me laugh or just amazing me with what he has to say. He gets very mad very fast when things don't go just the way he thinks they should. Most people get annoyed by this, but I have learned to just let a lot of it go. There are sometimes when he gets call out on it but it is his temperament and there is very little I can do to change it. I could spank him everyday but that would make both our lives hard. I realize that until he gets a little older this is just his way of showing his frustration.
He is great with Maggie. He loves her and watches out for her. He loves for her to play in his room and he is always trying to make her laugh.
He still love pirates but is also open to just about anything else he has seen or thought about that day but he always goes back to pirates. I love it!
He loves school! He walks right in without saying a word to me. He told me the other day that he has a girlfriend named KK. She has long blond curly hair and she is older then him. I have a feeling this is just going to be the first of many pretty little girls in his life.
Daddy is proud!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

More than ready!

I have found an new love! Making clothes for the kids. I have been going over board. But they will have plenty of Bama clothes for the new season.