Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Maggie Moo!

Maggie turned 2 last week! It is hard to believe that my baby is not a baby anymore.
We went to the doctor today and she is in the 50% for her weight and 70% for height and 80% for her head. (Our babies have always had big heads!)She is 26lbs. She is so much bigger then Gabe was at this age. (Poor baby is always going to have to watch her weight just like her mommy.)
Just for my memory I am going to make a list of the cute and new things Maggie is doing right now.
- She runs everywhere. I love to watch her run. She looks like a walking horse with her chest up high and her knees high.
- She warms up to people much quicker. It still takes her a while with men.
- She LOVES her Daddy!
I can do nothing right!!! (We have a love hate relationship)
- Gabe can just look at her and she gets upset!
- She talks a lot more now. We understand so much of what she says but no one else can. It is very funny and cute to here her talk.
(things she likes to say right now)
* Bless you (the other day Jake sneezed and she looked over to him and said "Bless you my daddy")
* Mine! (everything is hers right now! EVERYTHING)
* Boop (Only after she does it does she come running saying "Boop Boop" and then she tries to go potty. She just doesn't understand the process yet.)
* Meow! (She names her babies Meow, She calls herself Meow. Everything is Meow)
* Wead! (She really had me worried a few months ago. She would not listen to a book at all! She just didn't like them. But about a month ago she started bringing them to us asking us to read them. Mom told me the other day that that is all they did all day was read books over and over. I love that! I hate to read so that is something I have always wanted my kids to like. I know we have a long way to go before we really know if she will like to read but this is a good start!
* Mone! (when she wants you to go somewhere with her she looks at you and waves her hand and says "mone" This is something you really have to just see.)
* Oh me!!
- She throws herself down in the floor over everything. (this is not cute!) But she gets her temper honest! (from her daddy;)
- She is so much like me it's going to drive her crazy when she grows up. But I love it!

At the doctor today she really put on a GREAT show! We didn't even set down in the waiting room before she started crying. By the time we went to the room she was screaming and by the time I got her clothes off she was shaking! Then to top it off she got a wonderful shot. With Gabe we could always talk to him and prepare him for what was to come but not with Maggie. She just gets mad and that's it!

We are so proud of you!

We have waited for this day for ten years. I am so proud of you for fighting your way through all the stress, DOUBTERS, late nights and time away from your family. It didn't happen the way you thought it would but I think that just makes us both appreciate it even more. This is something you will always have and nobody can take it away from you.
Thank you for doing this for our family.
We love you so much!