Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

Gabe started Kindergarten last week!
Where has the time gone? I still look at him and see that little baby. I guess that will never change.
He was so excited about starting. He had a few butterflies that morning and we still have a
few each morning. It just takes a few minutes in class and he is all better. I think what has really helped is the "kissing hand". I kiss his palm every morning and all he has to do is put it to his face anytime he needs a kiss. Lol
(A mommy's dream!!!)

                           Maggie also started  last week. She is LOVING it!!!! She loves her
                                     teacher. She loves her class. She loves backpack!!!!
                               Everyday she ask "do I get to go to Mrs. Carroll's class today."
                                                 She almost runs to class each morning!