Friday, June 15, 2012

This and that!

                                     Maggie in her spring program. She did such a great job!

                                                             Spring program at school.

          Gabe finished all the assignments for his Bible Memory Challenge and got his first trophy.

                                         Just some of the kids in Gabe's age group at church.
                                                              Sarah's Graduation

Soccer and T-ball

We had a very busy spring!! Gabe played soccer, t-ball, and was in a play for his music class. But everything turned out great and he had a blast!

Panoply 2012

We went to Panoply for the first time this year. The kids really loves it and Jake really loved all the food!

Easter 2012- The kids had a great time at Mayfair's egg hunt! Maggie's basket ended up with only pink eggs!

                                             The Easter bunny came and left awesome stuff!

                                     This is Gabe's new favorite thing to do at mom and dad's.