Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It' been a busy summer!

We have been going non-stop all summer and I have been bad about taking pictures. I have learned that taking pretty picture is a thing of the past with a 2 1/2 year old and a new born. But I am happy to have what I got.

Maggie went for her four month apt. on Monday. She was 15 lbs. and 24.8 in tall. She is a chunk. She thinks she can walk already but refuses to roll over. That's my fault though. I don't put her in the floor like I did Gabe because everytime I do Captain Jack attacks. That is Gabes new name. Over the summer he has transformed into Jack Sparrow. It is so cute most of the times but when he starts telling his teacher that he will stab them and they will die, or if they are mean he will bop them over the head it get a little embarrassing.

Gabe also got potty trained this summer. Thanks to my mother-in-law. I had put it off all year. I wanted him trained before Maggie came but that came and went. But one day I came home and he had been pottying all day and he only had about four accidents after that. It was so easy. And we are saving so much money on diapers!!

Anyways, here are the pictures from the summer. There is no organization to them but I hope you enjoy.
Maggie at 3 months

Alabama Fan Day

Homecoming 2009

Jake flashed the light over and over.
Poor baby!

Maggie, Abbi, Blake, and Gabe
Homecoming 2009

Feeding the ducks

"Jack Sparrow"

Maggie 3 months

First day of school

"Jack Sparrow"

Abbi and Maggie (4 months)

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