Friday, July 30, 2010

He always makes me laugh!

Gabe is always making me laugh with what he has to say. The hardest times are when I am trying to teach him a lesson. I have been keeping a list just in the last couple of weeks.
So here are a few of the funny ones.

Me: "Gabe don't talk to me that way."
G: "But I was just trying to pay attention."

Me: "Gabe I am not leaving Me maw's tonight. I am staying there to clean while you and Maggie play."
G: with his hand over his face "This is worser then I thought"
Me: "What"
G: "This is much worser"

I was telling Gabe one night it was about time for bed time and what we were going to do that night. He came back with
"But mommy how about I play with my ship. Mommy is that a good idea? Is that a
good plan?

Gabe eating
"Which is the last bite?"

Wednesday in music- He never watches or listens to the teacher. (major ADD problem I think)But I am always getting on to him. So this week with his loud voice he asked
"Mommy are you upset with me?" "Are you proud of me?" Are you disappointed with me?" "Are you going to spank me?" All this with his new pouty face.

And last-
Me: " Gabe you will pick that hat up if I tell you to!"
G: " No I won't!"
We were in the car so I couldn't reach him.
Me: "Ok well when we get home you will tell your daddy what you just told me"
G: "No mommy I was just kidding!"
Me: "No you weren't!"
G: "But you will see"
Me: "What do you mean?"
G: "I will pick it up when we get home. You will see it!"
Me: " I know you will but you still have to tell daddy"
G: " NO! Will he give me a spanking?"
Me: "I don't know baby"
So he keep asking over and over about that and trying to talk his way out of it. Then he said
G: "I want a policeman"
Me: "Why baby"
G: "I want him to put daddy in jail"
Me" "Why"
G: "So he won't spank me. I'm scared of him!"

LOL I think that punishment was the best one I have given in a while!

We have out hands full with him!

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