Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School

Gabe and Maggie started school today. They were so cute. Gabe was more worried about what he had for lunch then about a new teacher. When we got there he wanted to take Maggie to his class to show his teacher and let her know that his baby sister was going there this year. It was so sweet.

Back in May I thought me and Gabe wouldn't make it through this summer. He gets so tired of being here at the office all day and with school being out I now had three days with him here. We were all going to go crazy! So I put him in a different school for a few weeks and he didn't really like it. I think we are just spoiled by New Salem. Anyways, July came and I didn't know what I was going to do with him but thanks to the help of my mom, Grandby, and Aunt Wendy he was only here a day a week. He had a blast with everybody!
Well, back to school today. I have been really worried about Maggie starting because she is a little more shy then Gabe and the only person she has ever really stayed with other then me is my mom. So I was worried to say the least. But when we walked in the room she saw all the toys she got right down and walked over and started playing. She didn't see me leave so there were no tears this morning. I have a feeling Thursday she will know what is going on and start crying when we walk in.

Gabe walked in like he owned the place! He walked to his old class first and I had to explain to him that he got a new classroom and a new teacher. He knew about the teacher just not the class room. He made the adjustment quick. As soon as he saw all the new toys he left me without even a goodbye. Sniff Sniff! He new teacher Ms. Melody was so happy to see him. She even told me that she had been waiting to get him in class. LOL

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