Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Talking Girl!

Maggie has been slow to talk! At one Gabe was almost talking in sentences! Maggie at one had not said a word! So back during Christmas we had her evaluated and she just hit the mark required for therapy. They told us we could wait a little while or we could go on and put her in and see what happens. Nothing really happened the first five months but In June we put her in a new school and I think that has made all the difference in the world. (I'm not saying our old school was bad but she was in a class with all younger kids so she was not made to speak.) But at the new school she is in with other 2 year old and she has just taken off! To the point that I looked at Jake the other day and asked if she was ever going to stop talking? Ha! But I love it! She does not pronounce everything right but she is getting soooooo much better. She goes for a hearing test in a month just to make sure she is hearing what she should be. But I think she is fine just a little strong willed and shy! (I am trying not to say that in front of her like I have in the past. A lady at church teaching our parenting class had a great point the other day. She said if you tell a kid she is shy then they will grow up thinking it is true and that is the way they are to act. Now I know it is natural for some people. I am one of those people but if I start now with her giving her the courage to not be shy then maybe one day it will pay off for her.) Anyways, where was I? I love to hear her and watch her talk. She is so expressive when she talks. She uses her hands and face to show how funny or serious something is. I would make a list of what she can say now but she can say anything she wants or anything you ask her to say. (If she likes you.)
My favorite right now is "Hold me hand bubba, hold me hand!" (just think of a little Irish man and that is what she sounds like right now.)

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