Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is "Buddy" our elf. He made it through a lot last year. (I burned him on a lamp). So I guess he wanted to get me back this year so he wrote on my frame. With a sharpie marker! (Thanks Jake!)

Maggie showing off her lip gloss!

Playing in the snow at Santa's Village.

Ready to see Santa!

Her "pretty smile"
Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Day 2011

Reading the letter from Santa.

(Maggie looks so big in this picture)

Love this!

Santa got her a dog! And a kitchen.

What Santa left for Gabe

And for Maggie

Christmas Eve

Mawmaw Inez



Such a big boy!!

They just couldn't wait to open gifts!

Mawmaw Baker

Gabe (5), Blake(4), Abbi(8), and Maggie(2)

Papa and Mags

Santa and Gabe

(this was the real Santa)

Mrs. Jenerick

School Christmas Party

Not this year! Maybe next?

Gabe's Tree! He loves doing his own tree!

Maggie's tree

Our Big tree!

Santa Train with Church

Gabe had a mouth full of candy!

This wasn't the real Santa!

We found him one morning just after he had his bath!

Trying to get a pretty picture.

It didn't work very well!

I love this picture!

We had a great Christmas this year. It just all went too fast. I told Jake next year we are going to stop dance and music in December so we can enjoy our time with each other a little more. Gabe really started wondering about Santa this year. We had to be very careful about it. He always wanted to know if we were going to see the "real" Santa. I just told him that he would have to tell me. He knew more about it then me. Maggie loved to talk about Santa but did not want to see him or want him to come to her house! She wanted the toys but didn't want him.

The kids got way too much stuff. I am still trying to find places for all of Gabe's stuff. But that's how it is every year. With a birthday and Christmas just three weeks apart it gets really hard.

I loved my time at home with the kids but I was ready to get back to work. I truly have the best of both worlds here at work. I get my babies with me all day and they don't have time to mess up my house!

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